Kathy Guidry

As Interviewed by Jessie L., March 16th, 2017
"What do I think of people that have lived happy, successful lives, and they are learning how to deal with all of it? I think I have the utmost respect for them. Those will be the people that change the world."
Kathy Guidry

Introductory Profile: About Kathy Guidry

I met Kathy, or Ms. Kathy, about four and a half years ago in the middle of second grade, and when I met her, I was coming to her for art lessons. I eventually joined her after school art program that she was running in her garage in third grade, and was with her up until fifth, when I then would progress to middle school.

Kathy is a former gym teacher, and is now a self-motivated art teacher. She plans to retire in a bit, but she still wants to live out her life teaching art a little more. The interview I conducted with her touches on sensitive topics in her life, including her childhood, youth, and adulthood (up until now) as a lesbian woman, and is very sincere & not something for the light-hearted. She is very open about being in the LGBTQ+ community. Today, Kathy resides with her partner, Sonia, in the deep of Southwest Austin. She has short, pepper gray hair and warm brown eyes. She loves to laugh and smile, and she is a laid-back, colorful, and sharp take on fine arts education. She enjoys babysitting, painting, and cooking in her free time. Her message to the world is to “express what you are inside and never let someone get to you.”