Rebecca Fleming

As Interviewed by Megan F., March 13, 2017
"I think every single person has something redeemable about them, it may not be something that's showing right now, but there's something in that person's life that you can find that makes them, you know, worthy as a human being."
Rebecca Fleming

Introductory Profile: About Rebecca Fleming

I interviewed my aunt, Rebecca Fleming. She is a defense attorney for the state of Texas, and has seen many real-life examples of the discrimination against criminals. She knew that she wanted to be a lawyer when she was in 3rd grade, but initially wanted to prosecute. She changed her mind and ended up as a defense attorney after witnessing discrimination first hand. It was then when she decided to help criminals get fair legal representation. Rebecca has been a lawyer for a little over nine years and studied law at The South Texas School Of Law in Houston.

Rebecca has a light complexion, blue eyes, and shoulder length blonde hair. Rebecca has a joyful personality and cares about others. The interview focuses on the rights of criminals and factors that may limit these rights, such as economic or racial differences.Many times, Rebecca has seen an innocent person plead guilty because they couldn't afford to be away from their job, and sometimes serving time is quicker than going through the criminal justice system.