Qi Ping Li

As Interviewed by Amanda L., March 15, 2017
"When I was in Junior High, I meet two teachers that impacted my life the most. One of them was my Chinese teacher and the other was my math teacher."
Qi Ping Li

Introductory Profile: About Qi Ping Xiong

Qi Ping Li is my grandmother from my dadís side, so my dadís mother. She was born and raised in China in 1964. Today, she lives in Austin, Texas. She has two sons and seven grandchildren. She graduated from high school in China, where she then decided to pursue her college education. After graduating from college, she chose to go to a rural mountain part of China to teach biology.

She taught biology to many poor students and cared after them. My grandmother taught many basics necessities of life to all these children as well as saving a life or two.

In this interview, I asked my grandmother what it was like to teach in these poor parts of China to these poor kids, what the conditions were as a teacher, and why she decided to become a teacher. She answered me in Chinese and talked about her lively time as a teacher. She talks about her experiences while telling stories after teaching for 27 years.