Thomas Harrington

As Interviewed by Charlotte R., March 12, 2017
"We were without power for about eight weeks, and with all the trees that blew down and everything, we got power back earlier than expected."
Thomas Harrington

Introductory Profile: About Thomas Harrington

My interviewee is Thomas Harrington, and I met him through Ms. Hart. He grew up in Groves Texas, graduated high school in 1976, and went to college at Lamar University, Corpus Christi State University, and Texas A&M University. Thomas now lives in Vidor, Texas and is a retired heavy equipment operator.

Throughout the interview, Thomas explains how he and his family were affected by and how they reacted to Hurricane Rita hitting. He also describes how his community helped each other recover from the disaster. From this interview, Thomas Harrington seems like he had a fun time recovering from the natural disaster and enjoyed the experience. From watching the storm rumble by to barbecuing and making ice cream for the neighborhood, Thomas has a very interesting and unique story to share about his experiences with Hurricane Rita.