Bo C.

As Interviewed by Aibo F., March 17th, 2017
"Stay and play inside the tent for the whole day and sleep in the tent for whole night, that for me, it is very fresh and very interesting at the beginning time."
Bo C.

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Today I will be interviewing my mom named Bo Cao. She went to college in the late 1980ís in China and later moved to America. She always talked about her life as a child, how she has been through many things, and something I found particularly interesting was the Haicheng earthquake in 1976. My mom is currently a middle-aged woman and loves telling stories. She has now lived in America for a long time.

Today my mom went in depth in her experiences in an earthquake when she was 5 years old, and how it affected her and her family. She talks about how it was before the earthquake, after the earthquake, how it felt, how she was affected by it. She also told me what people did when the earth suddenly shook, then mentions how her grandparents/parents reacted during the earthquake, not to mention how she and her siblings reacted too and all of their their feelings. Overall, I found the interview very interesting even though some parts were sad, and i was even shocked quite a bit. It is rich in detail and very descriptive, being a very great story.