Trudy Strassburger

As Interviewed by Soren Colfax, March 21, 2017
"There have been other DNA Labs across the country that have had problems, but the Austin DNA Lab nationally is seen as the worst. What was happening here was worse than any other city in the U.S."
Trudy Strassburger

Introductory Profile: About Trudy Strassburger

Trudy Stassburger is a defense attorney who has recently become leader of a new DNA project. The reason for the creation of the DNA project was that the Austin Police Crime Lab was using unacceptable methods while processing and analyzing DNA evidence. More than 30,000 cases need to be reviewed because of these errors, with around 20% of the cases with proof only by DNA evidence. This means that it is possible that innocent people have been convicted, which is a dangerous possibility.

Strassburger previously worked to improve the quality of the work of other attorneys, and she is just now beginning the DNA project. Trudy says she came to be a lawyer because she liked to help people, and she thought it was a very beneficial way to do so.

In our interview, we discussed some of the problems with DNA evidence, how juries treat it much too highly, and how she believes the introduction of DNA evidence to criminal justice has changed it for the worse. With the Austin Crime Lab producing unacceptable evidence, it is dangerous for so much DNA evidence to be highly trusted, and that is exactly why so many cases have needed to be reviewed.