Tony Plohetski

As interviewed by Catie G., March 18, 2017
"I will always remember what I was doing that night."
Tony Plohetski

Introductory Profile: About Tony Plohetski:

Anthony John Plohetski, who goes by Tony, was born in McComb, Mississippi but he grew up in Tylertown, Mississippi. He is 38 years old. He moved to Austin in 2000 and started working for the Austin-American Statesman as a journalist. Years later, he also started to work for KVUE as a reporter while keeping his job at Austin American Statesman. In his own words, he describes himself as “ a happy, ambitious, motivated, nice person. At least, I try to be nice to people.” Our good friend Danny gave me his email address and we set up a time to meet.

During the interview, Tony and I covered a range of topics, but the ones I have chosen to be the audio include (in order), Trump’s war on media, LGBT discrimination in Austin, personal accounts in writing, and election night. Overall, the interview was serious, because we were covering hard topics but at times we laughed, so it was a bit more light-hearted, not as serious. The best word is probably adult-like. It was an adult discussion.

I had a great time doing the interview, and learning more about what it is really like being a journalist, and working for the newspaper. You get to meet famous people, see your name published, and even though a lot of times the stories are about serious topics, you still get travel and have new experiences