Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee

As Interviewed by Aidan Mitchelson, March 10, 2017
"All social change comes from people who either have a change of heart or feel more comfortable talking about their actual beliefs."
Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee

Introductory Profile: About Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee

I met Deanne and Ingrid Croan-Ellerbee through my mom, who volunteered with them at Austin Pets Alive. They just got married in the last year after gay marriage became legal, but were living together for over 17 years before that. They right now are living happily in north Austin. Ingrid is an assistant county attorney for Travis county, and Deanne is a stained glass artist. Deanne has short white hair, and wears glasses. Ingrid has short light brown hair, and also wears glasses. They are both very talkative people, and love to share what they know. They also love animals, and have 6 cats, 3 dogs, 2 iguanas, and a bird.

In this interview, we talked about their lives growing up gay, and the discrimination they faced throughout their lives. We also discussed gay marriage rights, and what was thought about gay people. Both Ingrid and Deanne shared their unique stories and their opinions on these topics. The interview made me understand why it took so long for gay marriage to be legalized, and the struggles gay people have faced throughout the years.