Elma Delat

As Interviewed by James Whitten, April 9, 2017
"States' academic requirements should be the same for all, regardless of the path students walk in life."
Elma Delat

Introductory Profile: About Elma Delat

Mrs.Delat is a bilingual teacher at my old elementary school.She moved to America from Mexico in 1994 at the age of 24. After she moved to the US, she went back to school to change her career to become a teacher.

She has been teaching young students for nearly twenty years. She has spent most of her years teaching Kinder. Later on, she moved on to teach other grades including second and third. She currently teaches 4th grade.

During the interview she talked about the topic of school segregation and poverty and how some social issues such as poverty, dysfunctional families and racism could affect a child's education. The conversation was informative and inspiring with a calm and collected tone, making for a great interview.