Mike Kaviani

Ryan Seiler, March 4, 2017
"Recently, a puppy had been found dragging herself down the road because she had been shot in the back, and had a bullet lodged in her spine."
Mike Kaviani

Introductory Profile: About Mike Kaviani

Hello. Iím Ryan Seiler and I interviewed Mike Kaviani, the Director of Lifesaving Operations at Austin Pets Alive. The interview was uplifting, about the cruel topic of animal abuse and how it can be resolved. Mike Kaviani is tall with short, black curly hair. He has also worked as an animal rescuer since he was eighteen. Thus, he does not have any college education.

I got to know Mike Kaviani through my grandmother because she is a volunteer at Austin Pets Alive. Mr. Kaviani is friendly, talkative and open to answer.