Gavin H. and Tessa S.

As Interveiwed by Maggie Gilliam, March 4th, 2017
"Usually in private schools there are a lot of different languages or expectations that are required, like the homework expectation is that you have to do it a little bit better than assigned, always. Then if you do it normal its not considered done properly. My favorite part of public school is probably how fun the teachers explain things, if she explains the block system, hundreds, tens, and ones my teacher explains them like snickers."
Gavin H. and Tessa S.

Introductory Profile: About Gavin and Tessa

Gavin is a 5th grade student who attends private school. I interviewed him for the first half of my project. He told me about his life in private school and what he thinks public school is like. Although Gavin attends private schools he enjoys hanging out with kids on his street.

Tessa is a 5th grade students who attends private school. I interviewed her for the second half of my project. She told me about her school life and how she feels about it. Although Tessa is in 5th grade she enjoys running and playing outside with kids all ages.