Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Zoe Rabinowitz, March 16, 2017
"It was like being in an airless dungeon--there was no free air to breathe. And it was all dead, worn out, and dreary. The Prague Spring just opened it up, like opening the windows and letting the fresh air and sunshine in."
Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Introductory Profile: About Carla Barringer Rabinowitz

Carla Barringer Rabinowitz is the daughter of Brandon Barringer and Sonia Barringer, the eldest of three daughters, and my grandmother. She was born in Philadelphia in 1947. She has seen many things in her life, and one of the most profound was her experience in Czechoslovakia, right before the Prague Spring. Carla Rabinowitzís hobbies include genealogy of her family and talking hikes in the woods outside her house. Carla lives in Massachusetts, in a small town called Royalston, where she and her husband, Phil Rabinowitz, have lived for the past 40 years. Carla is medium height, with short white hair and a friendly smile.
This interview was about Prague Spring, which was a period of liberation from Soviet Russiaís communism, which was imposed on Czechoslovakia at the time. Carla had been in Prague three weeks before the conclusion of Prague Spring, so she provides an in depth look at Prague from the perspective of an American. It was a hopeful time, which is reflected in my interview. Prague Spring was ended when Russia moved tanks into Prague and opened fire. Russia then persuaded the leaders of Prague Spring to change their beliefs and effectively ended the brief liberation of Czechoslovakia. Prague Spring didnít last long enough to make any major changes, but it gave people hope for the future. This hope persisted for a very long time, until the Velvet Revolution in the 1990s, which finally overthrew the communist government and reorganized the country (Czechoslovakia was reorganized into Slovakia and the Czech Republic).