Gina García

As Interviewed by Alexis García-Mendoza, March 17, 2017
"The only thing I was able to tell them was, 'Okay, well, this happened, it actually happened: and the only thing that we have in our power to do at this point is to continue with your studies, to continue doing well.'"
Gina García

Introductory Profile: About Gina García

Gina García is my mother, and was glad to be interviewed. She works as a Spanish and French teacher at W. Charles Akins High School, as has done so for about eleven years, and prior taught for 21 years at Theodore Roosevelt High School. Her entire teaching career has consisted of 32 years of dedication to her students' education. She has taught through difficult presidential terms for immigrants, most importantly George W. Bush's two terms. Although she crossed the border from Mexico legally, she worries greatly for the futures of her students. She is the director of the annual Cinco de Mayo show at Akins High School.

Gina García was interviewed on how she, as teacher to immigrants that make up most of her classes, addresses current immigration matters in America. She tells of the first few days when Prop. 187 was passed in California in 1994, and likens that time to the present day with Donald Trump. The interview is calm, and spoken with a mild tone of disbelief. The feeling of this interview aids in giving the listener a true knowing of how someone directly associated with the very possible and real threat Trump poses to immigrants feels of the whole matter.