Geronimo Rodriguez

As interviewed by Lorenzo Martinez, March 14th, 2017
"And to my mom she didn't say anything. She didn't say good morning she didn't say hello. All she did was turn the wheel of the cash register."
Geronimo Rodriguez

Introductory Profile: Geronimo Rodriguez as a Migrant Farm Worker

Geronimo Rodriguez was a migrant farm worker when he was growing up. That meant that he moved to wherever crops would do well during the different parts of the year. This caused him to never really settle down when he was younger. He also faced stereotypes from this, people assuming that just because he was a migrant farm worker, he wouldn’t go to college or really get a good job like he has now. Also, because of his moving around, he was there on the island when Mt. St. Helens erupted.
When he was younger, even he himself doubted him going to college. His siblings asked him if he thought he was going to go. He said no. But his parents were supportive and missed a season on purpose so he could stay and get a better education. Now a days, he is very successful and he graduated from college. He attended a program for St. Edwards that was made specifically for migrant farm workers. However he did apply for other colleges and got in.
When he was younger, education was hard. The different areas that he was in were at different levels. One area would put him in algebra 2 in 6th grade, but when he moved, the new areas wouldn’t let him take that saying that was for 10th graders. This made education hard for him, as he was constantly changing levels.