Carol Levy

As Interviewed by Dylan Levy, March 20, 2017
"He looked beautiful, you wouldn't have even known he had a bad back, wouldn't have known anything. I simply remember him, standing and waving."
Carol Levy

Introductory Profile: About Carol Levy

I interviewed my grandmother, Carol Ruth Levy. Carol was born August 3, 1944. She worked for the Vice Squad in Dallas, Texas in 1962-1963.She was working in the office as a secretary on November 22, 1963, the day John F. Kennedy was shot. The president passed the police department and waved about 10-15 minutes before he was shot. Carol went through a one in a lifetime experience.

Carol explained many instances that I would have never thought would occur such as the police using derogatory words towards the president. I learned things in such detail that I couldn't ever hear the same way again. The JFK assassination affected so many people including my grandmother. She wasn't old enough to vote yet but if she was able to, she would've voted for Kennedy.

This interview was very detailed and personal. There was no very sad instances or very happy ones. Carol is a very outgoing person and was able to explain everything to her best knowledge, she mentions how her memory is kind of foggy and wonít be completely accurate. I was able to learn many things I would never be able to know if a person like Carol hadnít gone through such an amazing event.