Roy Benavidez

As interviewed by Jake T, March 14th 2017
"Our society tends to mistreat or assume that people with disabilities are lesser than people without disabilities. We as humans have civil rights, equally."
Roy Benavidez

Introductory Profile: About Roy Benavidez

My interviewee is my uncle, Roy Benavidez who was an attorney representing children with disabilities at a non-profit organization in Hawaii. He now lives in California and has retired from law. Roy enjoys the ocean and is an outdoor enthusiast.
This interview gives us some insight on what he did for his clients and how they were treated. He tells a story about a client with Asperger's syndrome and her struggle to get her educational needs met.
We had a casual interview over the phone. He gave a brief overview of his job duties, and discussed other cases he covered including a client's case with the criminal justice system, cases involving clients with mobility issues and others. He provided insight into the laws protecting people with disabilities, services that are available for people with disabilities including service dogs and basic human and civil rights that everyone is entitled to.
Roy also gave his personal perspective on how people with disabilities continue to be treated and what can be done to help them be treated equally. It is important to remember and recognize the federal laws created to protect people, to continue developing advances in technology to assist them in their physical and/or mental needs and to always recognize their rights as citizens, too.