Jasmine Gaynier

As interviewed by Jasmine Gaynier, March 15, 2017
""If you see the world standing up, and you’re talking to someone who sees the world sitting down, they’re seeing things you don’t see. You better listen to them." "
Jasmine Gaynier

Introductory Profile: About Mary Faithfull

Mary Faithfull is the executive director of Disability Rights Texas, a nonprofit that helps disabled people. Disability rights Texas is a mid-sized legal rights organization/law firm that helps many disabled people and their families around disability related laws such as the Americans with disabilities act, IDEA etc. She was born and raised in Minnesota. She graduated from Southern Methodist University and University of Texas at Dallas. She has worked in social work all her life. She joined Disability rights Texas in 1985, and became executive director in 2001.
I know Mary Faithfull through my father, who helps her company manage their 401k plan. She is a strong-willed, tough, passionate, hard working, open minded, and kind person. When she was only 13 months old, she developed polio, which has affected her today. She wants people to know that her disability doesn’t make her any lesser, and she can do many things abled people can do.
In this interview, she talks about how she was treated as a disabled person in her childhood, how she joined Disability Rights Texas, and ignorant people she's met in her life.