Joshua Choi

Kate Seon, March 11, 2017
"But these kids, who grew up with not as much you know, appreciate every little thing that they have."
Joshua Choi

Introductory Profile: About Joshua Choi

My interviewee was Joshua Choi, who goes to the same church as me and he has been my bible study teacher before. He graduated from McNeil High School, attends Concordia University, and today, he is involved in a lot of volunteering activities outside of school.

He was born in Temple, Oklahoma and moved to Austin, Texas and has served in our church for a very long time including being a Youth Group teacher and a praise team leader. He is one of the people that i know well in my Youth Group and who i have trusted. He is outgoing, funny and sociable but also intelligent, caring, and reliable.

He experienced a lot of emotions and saw unusual sights through the times he spent in the mission trips such as in Nicaragua, San Francisco, Peru, and more. I was able to listen to some of his experience in the mission trips that he has been part of. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about these topics where i was able to learn lessons off of.