Kathryn Gonzales

Jayden Putnam, March 5th, 2017
"When they attack Muslims they attack the LGBT community, because there are LGBT Muslims. When they attack women they attack the LGBT community because there are women in the LGBT community. When they attack immigrants they attack the LGBT community because there are LGBT immigrants."
Kathryn Gonzales

Introductory Profile: About Kathryn Gonzales

Kathryn Gonzales is the person iím interviewing. I know her because she is the director of out youth, in which is a space I go to often. My interviewee is tall and has green and brown eyes. Kathryn, I believe is from Austin.

The topics in this interview consist of how we can spread LGBTQ+ rights and story. Also to put a spotlight on how LGBTQ+ people have dealt with un equal rights. The feeling of this interview was very knowledgeable and educational. My interviewee was very persie's with her answers. Kathryn Gonzales is a very inspiring, educated person who has played a major role in inspiring people to also stand up for their rights.