Amy Atchley

As Interviewed by Mason Jones, March 11, 2017
"It's one of the best experiences of my life."
Amy Atchley

Introductory Profile: About Amy Atchley

Amy Atchley is a musician, performer, and was a worker for Meals on Wheels for 13 years. She has just ended her time at Meals on Wheels, she worked there from 2004-2017. She and her husband Eli and my mom are very good friends, and my sister and her 2 daughters are best friends. She is a really kind, loving person, she's a great mom, and though she's usually busy with her main job as a singer/songwriter, she still makes a lot of time for her family. She is tall, with dark brown hair, and sometimes wears glasses.

During the interview, we talked about a good number of things, primarily the overall experience of her long time at Meals on Wheels. She talked about how she made many, many friends with the people she assisted on a daily base. The tone of the interview was a fairly lighthearted one, mainly talking about her amazing experience volunteering for many organizations, but had some more depressing elements when we spoke about her elderly friends who would sometimes pass away.