Christen Carrigan

As Interviewed by Hannah L., March 11, 2017
"A lot of kids don't get that education in the beginning, and they don't feel like they can do everything that they want to do."
Christen Carrigan

Introductory Profile: About Christen Carrigan

Christen is a friend Iíve known for a long time. When I was only two years old, she started babysitting my sisters and I up until I entered kindergarten. She was a huge part of my childhood, and when I didnít know who to interview, she seemed like the obvious choice. During the interview she was very kind and answered my questions to the fullest of her ability. She was patient, helpful, and excited to catch up with me on life.

Christen is a smart young woman with brown hair and highlights. She is bursting with happiness and desire to help children and animals. She is wonderful, and easily one of the kindest people Iíve met. She adores small children and animals, and is currently a Pre-K teacher at a program called Journey School. She used to work at a program called HeadStart.

I interviewed her on her work in education, and we talked about education for disabled children, her career goals, and about her job in general. Even though disabled children is quite a heavy topic, the interview was very brightly toned. Christen is a hardworking young woman who is dedicated to her job. Education is very important to everyone and this interview reflects that.