Paige Schilt

As Interviewed by Lonnie Glasscock, March 19th, 2017
" of the things I like the most about being LGBT is the sense of community and the connection to my subculture and to be politically engaged..."
Paige Schilt

Introductory Profile: About Paige Schilt

I interviewed Paige Schilt who is talking about LGBTQ rights. I know Paige because she is my moms friend and I went to preschool with her son. Mrs. Schilt is a middle aged women that fights for LGBT rights while she is lesbian, has a transgender lesbian wife who unfortunately had hepatitis C, and raises a son. She has been working for LGBT rights her whole adult life, working for a company called Sol Force, at Sol Force she went to churches, with others, where Christian people thought the LGBT community were sinful, and just let them meet her and others that are gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and just let the church people meet them and see that they are normal (besides that fact that their LGBT).

After working for Sol Force Paige has done many things, one of the things she’s done is write a book (a memoir) about her family. She wrote the book titled Queer Rock Love to set an example that an LGBT family can function just as well as a normal family if not better, as she describes by the stories of her book.