Pastor Tuthill

As Interviewed by Yuan Nanthang, March 17, 2017
"And to me it's a shame that we do that now, it is really a shame."
Pastor Tuthill

Introductory Profile: About Pastor Tuthill

For my interview, I interviewed Pastor Tuthill. I heard about Pastor Tuthill after my parents took me to church, Congress Avenue Christian Church, and I met him because I had known his wife from a religious club known as AWANA where she was teaching as the TREK leader, seventh grade to eighth. I asked her if I could meet with Pastor Tuthill and she said yes so she helped me set up the interview by being a messenger between Pastor Tuthill and me. Pastor Tuthill is a fairly tall man, he is Texas raised, and he is a cheerful person who is open to many.

The topic of the interview is about the role of the pastor and how their influence can affect other issues of social justice like religious freedom. Pastor Tuthill explained his history of being a pastor and how he came to being the head pastor at The Church on Congress Avenue. Pastor Tuthill also voiced his opinions on other religions and other social justice issues. Pastor Tuthill spoke in a grateful way and was serious through most of the interview. Pastor Tuthill was kind enough to let me interview him in which he talked about his occupation and what it means with a casual tone.