Mary Grace's Mission

By, Quentin Foley, 17 March 2017
""I think one of the reasons i got involved, is that, I was so, i was kinda afraid to be an activist then. I mean, it didnít come naturally to me. And, so now it feels like i can now. I couldn't then, but I can now. I didnít have the courage, or whatever at that time, or the sureness in myself that it was right, i just had so much indoctrination, i guess in myÖ. But now i can. I just have no excuse." "
Mary Grace's Mission

Introductory Profile: About Mary Grace

Mary Grace is a friend of my grandmaís and is 65 years old. She has been working with immigrants for a few years now, with a company called Raices. Raices takes volunteers that help refugees from central america get to where they are going. Her job is important in the immigration system, and therefore raising americaís economy.

She does this because she feels like the immigrants coming to america need help. As she says, weíve caused the trouble that they are in and we need repaying. She also wants to help people because she wasn't very active in the Civil Rights Movement and she has regretted that.