Military Service:

Gary Mevius

As Interviewed by Max Miller, March 5th, 2017
"I'll never get a chance to do something like this, if I don't take this job."
Gary Mevius

Introductory Profile: About Gary Mevius

My uncle Gary Mevius lives in Jasper Missouri. He grew up there, at his parent’s farm. He worked by grazing cattle and growing food crops such as wheat and hay. When he was drafted for Vietnam he was going to college. He was chosen to join Counterintelligence due to his scores on a number of tests that were given to those who were drafted. Gary enjoys telling stories from his time in the NSA and Vietnam. He once spoke about the President Announcing that the U.S. Army was not in Cambodia. My Uncle was in fact stationed in Cambodia at this time. His General told them “Alright boys, you heard the man,” and they drenched the camp in gasoline, burning their camp down. As of now, my Great Grandpa (My Uncle’s Father) passed away, and my Great Grandma is in assisted living. The tone the interview was fairly down to business, as we mostly covered how many Americans were very anti-Vietnam War. My Uncle was considered the cause of the War, just as most other soldiers were.