Sid Morris

As interviewed by Lyle Morris, April 1, 2017
"We rescued 21 on the first pass, then went back and got 11."
Sid Morris

Introductory Profile: About Sid Morris

For my project I interviewed Sid Morris, my Grandfather over the phone about the rescue of the Ft. Mercer. He is retired and lives in Miami, Florida and was very enthusiastic about talking to me about his time in the Coast Guard.

In 1952, a blizzard struck Cape Cod and two ships, the SS Pendleton and the Ft. Mercer broke in half in 60 foot waves, likely because they were built during World War Two, out of cheap steel. After the bow (front) of the Ft. Mercer sunk along with the Captain and several crew members, it sent out a SOS. The SS Pendleton's radio had failed and it was only discovered because of the pendelton. Sid Morris was aboard the UCG Acushnet, the ship that would rescue “Merchant Mariners” (essentially sailors) from the sinking Ft. Mercer.