Ashley Thomas

As Interviewed by Lara Lashus, April 6, 2017
"The thing that Iím most proud of is -- even within my own community -- inspiring and bringing hope to people, and helping them understand who we are as transgendered people; and, having them come around and be more supporting."
Ashley Thomas

Introductory Profile: About Ashley Thomas

I interviewed Ashley Thomas: transgender, Human Rights Campaign participant/advocate, lawyer, and father. She is a very good friend of my dadís from college, so when I told my dad about the project, he suggested I should speak to her.

After college at Stanford University, Ashley co-founded a law firm called Bissex & Watson P.C. that manages technology and financial industries. As she transitioned, she found that as an already trustworthy lawyer, she did not have to go through as many challenges at work as some people in the LGBTQ+ community have. She partners with HRC, to speak at fundraisers, and galas to inform people of the LGBTQ+ communities. She is a father of two young boys, who are very supportive of her. She has a very nice, vibrant personality. She has curly brown hair and is also quite tall, standing proud.

First, Ashley goes over what the Human Rights Campaign actually is, and how she participates. The transition then focuses on what she is most proud of, when she changes the ideas of people about their opinions on LGBTQ+ communities, especially transgendered people. Next, she talks about what the best part about coming out and her transition was. Finally, she mentions that she didnít have any role models to look for strength in when she transitioned. The tone of this ďpodcastĒ is very empowering and insightful.

In conclusion, not only was coming out and transitioning meaningful and important to her, it is important to someone else to have her to look up to.