Merrily Hoffman

As Interviewed by Ben Hoffman, March 11, 2018
"And he looked at me like there was something wrong with me and said, your the only woman in the office and they canít do filing; they're men."
Merrily Hoffman

Introductory Profile: About Merrily Hoffman

I interviewed my grandmother on my dadís side, Merrily Hoffman, She was born in 1950. She currently lives in Houston, Texas with her husband Howard Hoffman. She is currently a tax repairer that works out of her home office. This means she helps other people do their taxes. She also teaches part time at San Jacinto College. She loves taking me and my brother to awesome places like amusement parks and water parks.

Currently she is about 5 feet 4 inches tall and has blackish brown hair. She has a great smile and white teeth. She is always ready to help people and loves to be around me and my brother and sister. The tone is informal and always positive and happy.

I am interviewing her on women's rights in the workplace in the 1970ís and how women were discriminated against. She has some great personal stories about gender discrimination that affected her greatly and she wants to share them with others to help stop women discrimination all together. She was discriminated against when she was working for H&R Block and her stories are ll about what she had to go through because of gender discrimination in her workplace.