Bill Scheel

As Interviewed by Margaret Hearne, March 3, 2018
"I walked up the stairs and there was a sign that said “Colored Bathroom” And I said to myself, “Where are we? What country is this?”"
Bill Scheel

Introductory Profile: About Bill Scheel

Bill Scheel is a priest and educator, and a friend of my grandparents. He was born in the North, and never knew much about segregation until his teens. But, as soon as he noticed the separation between black and white, he know he had to fight to make a change. Mr Scheel was young when Martin Luther King made the call for all men of God to come to the march. Scheel was moved enough to make the courageous decision to march, even though one priest from Boston had already been killed by white supremacists.

Scheel discussed the differences in cultures between North and South, Black and White, and egalitarian and fascist, and how a couple hundred miles sometimes means hundreds of differences in ideals.