Shaheen H.

As interviewed by Hana H., March 18, 2018
"I had seen what happened to people who were not well to do in my country. There is a difference in how people behave towards each other."
Shaheen H.

Introductory Profile: About Shaheen H.

My interviewee’s name is Shaheen, and she is a doctor with a degree in medicine. In her free time, she likes to help her community with vaccinations and other medical help. She also likes to hang out with her family (my sister, my dad and I). Shaheen H. is a pediatric radiologist that works at Dell Children’s Medical Center. She currently lives with her family in Austin, TX. She told me about the time that she went to Mobile, AL.

When she went to Alabama, she quickly went from being (financially) well to very poor. She talked about her experience there and about the effects of poverty. She said that in Pakistan, you could tell by people’s behavior if they were rich or poor. The interview was very factual, and she takes a positive tone. She said that it was a learning experience and that it was important to have another perspective.