Jenna Goen

As Interviewed by Alex Kelly, March 8, 2018
"...It was really common to see beggars pushing themselves around on kinda like little skateboard like things because they didn't have their legs. They had gotten infected and just had to be cut off."
Jenna Goen

Introductory Profile: About Jenna Goen

I interviewed Jenna Goen about poverty when she lived in Nigeria. Jenna lived there from the age of 3-8 and got to experience many things most of us won't in our lifetime. Jenna is my nanny, I met her in the summer between 5th and 6th grade. Jenna grew up in College Station after moving back from Nigeria. She now attends UT and is a senior there. She is a Texas Sweetheart which is a group of women at UT that serve the Austin community and support UT athletics. She loves to help people and is very nice and kind. Jenna is a very hard worker and is fun and outgoing. Jenna has long brown hair, brown eyes and glasses. She loves to play with her dog pepper, and go to UT sport games.

While in Africa, Jenna thought her life would always be like it was. She had grown up in Nigeria and not known of any other way of living besides the stories her parents would tell her about America. She thought she would live there forever and never move. Not until she moved back from Nigeria did she know how much worse her old living conditions were. When she moved back she didnít have to boil water, grow food and didnít have to wait for special trips to watch tv. As Jenna looks back today she appriciates her experience living and Nigeria and says that the experience helps her not take things for granted.

In this interview Jenna talked about what her day-to-day life life was like and the different conditions in Africa from America. She tell many stories about unsafe situations her family was put in and how they got out. Overall the interview was very interesting and I just wanted to keep learning. It was a fun experience and I would happily interview somebody again.