Rosalba Belman

As interviewed by Jimena Martinez, April 16, 2018
"I had nowhere to live, no car to drive, and I had three girls that I needed to get to school."
Rosalba Belman

Introductory Profile: About Rosalba Belman

Rosalba Belman is my aunt from my dadís side which I met when I was young. She is a hard working mom that takes care of 4 girls making sure that they will succeed in life. She has brown hair, dark brown eyes and a friendly personality. In 2013 and 2015 she was impacted by the devastating Halloween floods.

Back then she had to take care of her 3 daughters and what soon would be 4. The floods destroyed and took everything that is in their way including parts of her house and car. She was left with dead livestock and her innocent daughters.