Sun Lee

As Interviewed by Devin Lee, April 11, 2018
"So, we have-a kind of a, rankings, between the friends; itís not an equally same."
Sun Lee

Introductory Profile: Introductory Profile: About Sun Ah Lee

My mother, Sun Lee, is 41 and is Korean. She was born near the Kunsan Air Base in South Korea on December 18th, 1975. She lived there all the way up until she was in college. Her father was in the military as a master warrant officer, and served from 1972 to 1995. Mrs. Sun has brown hair and brown eyes.

During the interview, we covered the effects of her fatherís ranking on her life. We covered why she had limited friends in the camp, and why many of those friendships were forced. We covered her general life in the camp, and her experiences at the air base. The tone is a relaxed yet somehow tense tone, as she describes her sweet and sour memories of her past home.