Barry Metzger

As Interviewed By Lucy M., March 15, 2018
"Unfortunately people donít abide by the rules and the laws."
Barry Metzger

Introductory Profile: About Barry Metzger

Barry Metzger is my grandad. Barry was born in Brooklyn, New York in 1947, making him 70 years old today. Barry is 6í 1íí, and going bald. He went to college in Florida, and got a degree in management which he used to get a job as a manager at Lionel Play World. Barry was then promoted to the company's youngest district manager. He worked for them for 17 years until they went bankrupt in 1996. Barry was then hired by Big Lots! (or Big! Lots at the time), as a district manager in Florida. He was in a car accident, and could not work for six months. After recovering, Big Lots! gave him a district of nine stores in Mississippi. After turning the district around to be profitable, the company opened ten more stores in Mississippi bringing his district to nineteen stores. He covered the entire state, which caused him to have a massive heart attack from the stress. Barry was then hired by Dollar Tree as a district manager in South Georgia in 2002. In 2007 his diabetes and health got the best of him, and he ended up in a wheelchair; unable to walk, forcing him to retire. Barry fell while at work one day and ended up with neuropathy. He is slowly starting to be able to walk again with a cane, and will hopefully be able to walk on his own one day

Barry Metzger is in a wheelchair, so I interviewed it about being disabled, the laws, and how people treat people who are disabled. The interview was very relaxed and casual, as Barry likes to tell stories all the time to his family. I hope you like(d) the interview!!