John Golden

As interviewed by Nate Mackintosh, March 21, 2018
"A lot of people didnít understand the capacity of everything the Secret Service did other than covering the president the protecting the president. "
John Golden

Introductory Profile: About John Golden

About John Golden

Stacy Mackintosh talks about her father, John Golden, who was my grandfather. He served in the Secret Service for 30 years before retiring. Before he joined the Service Service, he worked for the FBI. He quit after two years when friend recruited him to the Secret Service. He took his work very seriously and sometimes was not able to tell his daughters certain information.

Stacy Mackintosh talks about the many different parts of her fatherís job as a Secret Service Agent. She talks about how the her father had to investigate threats, stop counterfeit, and escort the president. She goes over the characteristics of her father and how they were important to him for being part of the criminal justice system. She really looked up to her father and realized how important his job was.