Frank Zhu

As interviewed by Emma Chu, March 28, 2018
"At that time, all I dreamed was to be a true scientist, so I didnít care where to go, or which environment. I just wanted to go to the best place to study."
Frank Zhu

Introductory Profile: About Frank Zhu

To live his dream, Frank Zhu endured many challenges and hardships of immigrating to America, in order to pursue his passion; science.

My father was born in a small town near the Yellow River, as a mere peasant with no promised future. He studied extremely hard and became the top of his class in China. When he entered college, many friends were immigrating to America in pursuit of better studies and a new life. They told him about freedom, and the advanced schools there were. He realized that in order to study science, he would have to immigrate to America for a better education. These are the struggles he had in the journey to America.