Antonio Gibbs

As Interviewed by Nathan Voorhees, March 23, 2018
"It was definitely hard and challenging because I always had to prove myself."
Antonio Gibbs

Introductory Profile: About Antonio Gibbs

Antonio was one of my dadís employees at APA. I met him first (that I remember) when my dad invited him over to our house for the week. He is a very nice and funny person and has been working at APA for about 15 years now. He is about 6 foot tall African American man in his 40ís that grew up in downtown Washington D.C.

Over the course of the interview me and Antonio discussed his early life in the downtown Washington D.C area which he said wasnít and isnít now that good place to grow up in. The interview went very well and we had some side conversations before and after so we were already in a good attitude towards each other. Even though, over the course of the interview there were some parts that got very deep and personal.

Overall I believe that Antonio is an astonishing person and I really look up to him on the way that he removed himself from a life of complete poverty.