Alan Keitt

As Interviewed by M.K., March 27, 2018
"There was a draft for Vietnam, but what they needed was a lot of soldiers, but they also needed blood."
Alan Keitt

Introductory Profile: About Alan Keitt

I interviewed Alan Keitt. Mr.Keitt is my grandpa, he is 85, and is married to Ruth Keitt. Grandpa is white and has a balding head of white hair as well as a white beard.He was born in Madison, Wisconsin in 1933. He lived in Madison until he was 18 and went to college in Cambridge, Massachusetts at Harvard University. He met my grandma at a mixer (a party set up by Harvardís sister school, Wellesley, before women could go to Harvard). After Grandpa graduated and became a blood doctor, or a hematologist, he was drafted for the Vietnam War.

This interview is about my Grandpa being drafted for the Vietnam War and his experiences before, after, and during the war. When my Grandpa was drafted for the war he was thirty years old and it was during 1966. The war began November 1, 1955 and ended April 30, 1975, but the US was only in the war from March 8, 1965 to March 29, 1973.

After the interview I became very interested in the Vietnam War. I learned a lot about the drafting process, about reasons why the war was being fought, and why people opposed it. The drafting process was kind of unfair. The only reason Grandpa wasnít drafted before he was was that he was still in school. Then when he left school he was the oldest draftee on the list who hadnít been drafted or deferred. Luckily he didnít have to go to Vietnam, but instead he went to Boston and studied how to transport blood long distances.

We talked about his job in the war as well as his opinions about the war. He also describes being drafted and the reasons why he was drafted late. Grandpaís overall tone was informative, because he didnít have a strong opinion but was willing to share information.