Sheri Innerarity

Anna Eastin, 3/14/18
"I could see from the devastation that there were going to be patients somewhere."
Sheri Innerarity

Introductory Profile: About Sheri Innerarity

I interviewed Sheri Innerarity about the 1979 natural disaster that hit parts of Texas and Oklahoma. At the time she was a nurse at a hospital and her husband was a clinical pharmacist. She is part of the TNP (Texas Nurse Practitioners) organization with my mom. The town that she lived in, Wichita Falls, was in complete devastation. Many storms have hit the area before, but nothing like this. The storm consisted of 3 tornadoes and massive winds.

Being a nurse in this time was hard, looking at all the hurt and injured people and nothing to help them. She spent nights after nights with many people all in one confined space. She left her daughter at home without her care trying to help her community. After the storm the community was a whole, they worked together to make the town back to normal. Talking to Sheri made me realize what a community can do if they work together.