Barbara Vito

As interviewed by Ryan Kerwick, March 11, 2018
"Well, it was a way of life, you know, where it is just taken for granted that women didn't get as much money and they didn't get the same kind of work and people accepted it, cause they didn't know any differently at the time."
Barbara Vito

Introductory Profile: About Barbara Vito

I interviewed my Grandma (On my Momís side), Barbara Vito. She is 87, has short, grey-white hair. She is very kind and lives in retirement. She likes to play mahjong, a Asian board game because she travelled around the world. She comes over for dinner every Sunday so our family can eat together. She is active in her church, which supports the homeless and has many activities. She sometimes eats at restaurants with some of her friends. She is learning how to play a card game, Bridge.

She was married to my grandpa, Carmine Vito worked in the air force and sadly died before I was born, in 2004. She has lived in America for most of her life, and experienced discrimination for being a woman.

I asked her a lot about her childhood/young-adulthood for the interview, and about raising her daughters in America. The tone varies, some questions are serious, while others may be lighter. The overall tone is probably more formal. I was happy to meet with her.