Ashley Moran

As Interviewed by Rhea Moran, March 17, 2018
"Earlier that day, life had been going on as normal, but now we could hear the bombs dropping, and that was just..."
Ashley Moran

Introductory Profile: About Ashley Moran

Ashley Moran is my mother, who was born in 1975 in Dallas, Texas. Shes a very light hearted person with a kind personality and a certain quietness to her that adds a mysterious tone.
The interview is about the Russo/Georgian bombing in August of 2008. In it she describes where she was on the night of the bombing, and exactly how she felt when she found out what was happening. She also gives a detailed explanation of how she escaped from Georgia into the nearby country of Armenia with her husband and her small daughter. The tone of the interview is very solemn, although Ashley finds a way to make it less burdening.
This interview was an enlightening experience which helped me understand what its like to live in a foreign country and be under attack.