Vasudevan Rajagopal

As Interviewed by Abhinav V, March 18, 2018
"They were trying to impose Hindi, and not-speaking-Hindi states did not like that."
Vasudevan Rajagopal

Introductory Profile: About Vasudevan Rajagopal

My interviewee is my father, Vasudevan Rajagopal. Heís an Indian male and is from Tamil Nadu (the state in India he is from), and his first language is Tamil, a South Indian language. I interviewed him about the protest against hindi imposition, basically protest against a language being forced on you. He is a logician thatís a introverted, intuitive, thinking, and prospecting individual according to the personality test on

I, Abhinav Vasudevan, interviewed my father about the protest and his participation. This is the protest from a viewpoint of a supporter. I hope you like this interview. There is also more background information in the interview.