Abeye Teshome

As interviewed by Leelai Teshome, March 7, 2018
"Immigrating to America and leaving my home was an adventure for me. "
Abeye Teshome

Introductory Profile: About Abeye Teshome

My interviewee is Abeye Teshome, who is also my father. This interview was conducted on a porch, which providing a serene, relaxing tone due to the chirping of the birds and the harmonious sounds of leaves blowing in the wind. Abeye was born in Ethiopia and lived there for 17 years before coming to America in 1981. He is a happy middle aged man that loves making jokes and has a gentle personality. He is 5’11 and has mostly black hair and a little patch of white hair towards the front of his head. He is currently a computer engineer and works at Dell.

During Abeye’s time in Ethiopia a civil war had broken out which caused many Ethiopian citizens to immigrate to a safer environment due to the uprising of the dictator, Mengistu Haile Mariam. This was a very sad time in Ethiopia and was a very big set back in the development of the country. In conclusion, for Abeye, the move he had made to America benefited him by providing protection, refuge and independendence.