Janet Paleo

As Interviewed by John LaMair, March 7, 2018
"And it was the first time I could say that I was glad to be alive. And I thought that people should not have to wait for 42 years to be able to say that..."
Janet Paleo

Introductory Profile: About Janet Paleo

Janet Paleo has worked for most of her life to make sure the quality of others lives increase. She works in the field of Mental Health advocacy. Her job is to make sure the voice of those with mental health issues is heard, as well as to make sure that those with issues involving mental health receive the help that they need and deserve. Having struggled with issues with mental health throughout her entire life, she was able to overcome them and work toward helping others. She makes sure that those with mental problems have their pain validated, and then she helps fix it.

In person (or via phone, as I conducted my interview online), she is very reserved. She radiates the idea that she has been through a lot, and that has molded her personality. It's completely based around a deep sadness from what she overcame, but a genuine respect for life as well.

The overall tone of my interview is very serious. You get a feel for what people with mental health issues really go through. You also get a feel of what it is like to recover from issues with mental health, and what it is like in the aftermath of issues with mental health.