Genevieve Dell

As Interviewed by Bo Bednar, March 6, 2018
"Americans look at Africans differently than they look at African-Americans."
Genevieve Dell

Introductory Profile: About Genevieve Dell

My interviewee was my neighbor, Genevieve Dell. At 17, she joined a group called the Guardian Angels who went into the subways at night to try and reduce crime and violence.

Going into the interview, I was quite nervous because I had just found out that she belonged to a different organization than I had originally been told, and my prepared questions no longer applied. Genevieve was great about this though and allowed me time to come up with questions on the spot.

During the interview she was very open and we talked a lot about topics like racism, sexism, and interracial relationships, both inside and outside of the Guardian Angels. She is generally a very lighthearted person, and that came through in the interview, but she was also more reserved and serious than usual.