Guy Herman

As Interviewed by Seamus Harte, April 22, 2018
"When the Constitution was written, there was never a concept in anyone’s mind that anyone would ever have machine guns, Gatling guns, bazookas, flamethrowers, things of that nature. They were using muskets."
Guy Herman

Introductory Profile: About Guy Herman

I have known Guy Herman all of my life. When my mother moved to Texas, the first job she could find was to be a nanny for his children. Our families are close and have been since I was born. Guy Herman founded a mental health organization in his name in Travis County that helps people with mental disabilities get the health care they need to survive.

I asked him questions about being a judge and what he does on a daily basis, but the topic that is covered in the podcast is about his stance on gun rights. The interview lasted a total of ten minutes, because there was no icebreaker, and it was pretty awkward. My last question asked was the one I decided to keep, because he goes into depth about what he believes in.