Tonnie Harned

As Interviewed by Claire Gore, March 19, 2018
"I simply had to stand in the position that any discrimination, even discrimination based on parental status, is not acceptable."
Tonnie Harned

Introductory Profile: About Tonnie Harned

My name is Claire Gore, I interviewed my aunt, Tonnie Harned, about discrimination based on parental status in the workplace. Tonnie had previously had one child before this incident and was pregnant with her 2nd at the time. After this incident, she eventually left the company and is now working as the VP of Growth & Business Development at PartnerTap, a software startup company. She now has three kids and a loving husband.

All of this happens in 2013.

She was very open about this story and willing to talk about this and what happened at her company. The company she was working for at the time will remain nameless throughout the interview.

Some background info:

The pregnancy discrimination act of 1978 prohibits discrimination on the basis of pregnancy. The FMLA, or family and maternity leave act also legally protects someones job while on maternity leave. During our interview she explains how her boss reacted to her pregnancy, and what he did to undermine her.