Marissa Vogel

As Interviewed by Sahana S., March 11, 2018
" really helps to make people realize that homelessness is not necessarily just the guy on the corner you see that's at the the stoplight asking for money with a sign."
Marissa Vogel

Introductory Profile: About Marissa Vogel

I decided to interview Marissa Vogel, the founder of Generation Serve. Generation Serve is a nonprofit dedicated to encouraging kids to be actively engaged in the community. They do this through organizing activities with various organizations. I have been an active volunteer with Generation Serve for about eight years, and I enjoy it immensely.

I have known Ms. Vogel for a very long time. During that time I have grown to learn from, respect, and greatly admire her. She has a soft-spoken voice, though she is very passionate about Generation Serve. We met in the conference room of a coffee shop. We both ordered drinks, and then we got started.

During our interview, we discussed the issues facing the homeless and impoverished. She talks about her experience volunteering for them and her experience with kids volunteering for them. I learned a lot from this interview, and I hope to continue learning from her.