Alton Cornella

As Interviewed by Megan Cornella, March 12, 2018
"... I could never understand how Americans could feel that way when their soldiers and sailors and airmen were there to protect them ..."
Alton Cornella

Introductory Profile: About Alton Cornella

I interviewed my Grandpa, Alton Cornella, about his experiences with the military. He served in the Vietnam War when he was 18 and has had other experiences regrading the military, even in civilian life, including being a city council member, working with the Air Force, and serving on two base realignment and closure commissions. He currently lives in Rapid City, South Dakota, and has recently retired from his own refrigeration business.

During the interview, my interviewee was pretty formal, but overall, the interview was pretty calm and down-to-business. I got through all of my questions and had them answered thoroughly and thoughtfully. My interviewee is the type of person who kind of has a way of knowing when youíre curious about something, and therefore he was very easy and informative when being interviewes. He didnít really hide anything and was very open with the answers to my questions. At first, the interview was a little slow, but by the end I feel like we really got into what social justice was all about.

Alton Cornella told me about how he went to Vietnam, his experience of communism, social injustices he faced after Vietnam, and how he found social justices applied to the military. I learned a lot about his life and was glad I could interview him for this project because he is a kind and loving Grandpa who cares deeply about his family. Heís a very smart and brave person who has been through a lot and is just overall really awesome.