Donald Simon

As Interviewed by Isha S, March 15, 2018
"No one expected anything like this to ever happen. My mom has been in the house for over fifty years. The roads never flooded."
Donald Simon

Introductory Profile: About Donald Simon

Donald Simon, my interviewee, is a project manager at NXP. He works for my father, which is how I met him. Donald Simon has blue eyes and is a middle-aged man. He is generous, intelligent, and hardworking, some examples of which can be heard in the podcast. The interview took place in a conference room at NXP and the overall mood was sad because we were talking about Hurricane Harvey which displaced and killed many people. My interview was mostly about how terrible Harvey was and how, in order to understand how damaging it was, you had to be there and live it because hearing it is very different from actually seeing it. Some parts of the interview were in the point of view of Donald Simonís mother who experienced it herself. He lives in Austin and she lives in Houston.

Donald Simonís mother was living in Houston when Harvey hit and was forced to evacuate. She was only given a few seconds to decide if she was going to leave. She ended up staying in her daughterís house for three and a half months. We also talked about how the process for fixing houses was difficult because so many people needed workers. The demand for workers was high, making it hard for people to find efficient workers. Donald Simonís mother was on the luckier side though because she was one of the first people to start looking for help, and the damage to her house wasnít as bad as other people closer to the bayou. But, sadly, most of the neighborhood isnít fixed yet and probably wonít be fully repaired for many years.